Live chat: social tools and their impact on business

This live chat session will explore the following questions:

  • Social networking tools have been around for a decade or so. How much of an influence have they had on the world of business?
  • Social networking tools are often recognised for their learning potential, especially with younger generations of learners. Are they used for learning in your organisation, and how?
  • A recent McKinsey Institute report showed that around 50 percent of employers believe social networking tools can lead to more communication within teams, functions or business units – but they also agree that work is likely to be more project-based than team- or function-based. Do you see one or both of these processes happening in your context, or in other organisations that you know?
Presentation time: 
Wednesday, 29 June, 2016 - 16:30

Ruslan Ramanau

Picture of Ruslan Ramanau

Dr Ruslan Ramanau is a Lecturer in E-Learning at The Open University Business School. His interests are in the areas of cross-cultural differences in e-learning and self- and group regulation in online learning settings.