Live chat: management challenges and opportunities in a digital economy

The strategic challenges facing business leaders will be impacted by the digital revolution.

This live chat will include the following topics:

  • What will digital economy customer profiling look like? What can businesses do to better understand customer expectations?
  • What happens to supply chain management when information and products flow through the economy in highly digitised business operations?
  • With mobile-phone-based financial transactions, touch-free technology and the cashless economy, what is the future of retail/high street banking?
Presentation time: 
Thursday, 30 June, 2016 - 12:30

Devendra Kodwani

Picture of Devendra Kodwani

Dr Devendra Kodwani is Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching at The Open University Business School

Karen Foley

Picture of Karen Foley

Karen Foley is a presenter of The Online Business Exchange, and of Podmag, a monthly news podcast. She is a trained psychotherapist and psychologist, an Associate Lecturer in the Social Sciences department of The Open University, a published academic and an active researcher.