Live video:the digital engagement of small businesses

In this presentation, Carol suggests there is a much greater level of engagement with digital tools, among even the smallest businesses, than official statistics suggest. This is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to increase their flexibility and efficiency, and for organisations who want to work with small businesses to reach them direct.

She will expand on the following points:

  • Almost all small businesses use digital tools in their support functions
  • E-commerce and social media is a growing area for small business
  • Lack of digital skills, digital security and poor connectivity are key issues for small businesses
  • Digital tools are supporting an expansion in socially responsible businesses
Presentation time: 
Thursday, 30 June, 2016 - 10:00

Carol Sherriff

Carol Sherriff

Carol Sherriff is director of Wilson Sherriff Ltd, a small consultancy specialising in collaborative approaches to strategy and business development. Wilson Sherriff supports InBiz4Good, a digital network of small, mainly micro-businesses, interested in socially responsible business.

Karen Foley

Picture of Karen Foley

Karen Foley is a presenter of The Online Business Exchange, and of Podmag, a monthly news podcast. She is a trained psychotherapist and psychologist, an Associate Lecturer in the Social Sciences department of The Open University, a published academic and an active researcher.