When distance no longer matters

Day 1: Wednesday 29 June, 9am - 9pm (BST) 
Day 2: Thursday 30 June, 9am - 9pm (BST)

Welcome to the Online Business Exchange. Presented by The Open University Business School, the Online Business Exchange is an opportunity to share ideas and join in discussions with fellow students and alumni, other leading business schools and practising global business managers.

The event on 29 and 30 June 2016 focused on the Digital Economy, looking at supply chain management, sales, marketing and finance in the digital environment over 48 hours of live chat forums, expert discussions, live video streaming and online activities.

Catch up

This event is closed now, but the live sessions have been recorded and can be watched here. Or if you want to continue the conversation, join our private Yammer group.

Complimentary reports

During the Exchange, people from all around the globe listened to our free live stream talks and shared ideas and the latest business thinking. Sales. Marketing. Finance. Supply Chains. Customer Insight. We talked about it all. And you can catch up with all of the action by downloading our free report. You can gain invaluable insight, link to our videos and learn more about our MOOCs and the companies who are disrupting the digital world.

Want to learn more about marketing in the digital economy? Then take a look at our Marketing report. We cover everything from Glocal, personalisation and digital engagement to customer profiling and segmentation. We also highlight the marketing disruptors who are shaping the future of marketing.

In a world where customer behaviours are changing and marketing and selling are becoming one – our Sales report explores some of the hottest topics in sales. Big Data & Analytics. Programmatic adverts. Customer feedback. Small businesses. You can watch videos of our talks, learn more about our MOOCs and read about the disruptors who are transforming the world of sales.

The new digital economy is transforming the world of banking and finance. So, we’ve created a Finance report, from our Online Business Exchange, to help you catch-up with the latest developments. You can read-up on everything from new forms of funding and the changing face of banking to money transfers and corporate governance. You can also watch videos of our talks and learn about the crowdfunders and app-only banks that are disrupting the digital economy.

The digital economy is transforming supply chains around the world. Download our Supply Chain Management report and you’ll be able to learn more about changing customer expectations, responsible supply chains and digital supply chain management. Wherever you are in the world, you can sit back, read our report, watch videos, absorb new knowledge and be inspired by the organisations who are disrupting the world of supply chain management.

Massive Open Online Courses

The Online Business Exchange will be driven by a programme of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Digital Economy, coming soon from The Open University Business School. Find out more and join the programme on FutureLearn.